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Our Extensive Range of Stoves

Chilli Penguin

For a warm embrace and contemporary design, experience the Chilli Penguin range.

Dive into the world of efficient heating, combined with modern aesthetics. Visit us in-store or call to discover the complete range of our stoves. Here’s a sneak peek:

Chilli Penguin Products: Dive into our exclusive range of contemporary stoves. From the fiery charm of The Short Penguin, offering 5.0kW of heat and clean burning, to the robust and broader build of The Chubby 5 with its integral plinth. The Woody stands out with an impressive 87% efficiency, a perfect fit for spacious areas and shallow fireplace recesses. Don’t miss out on The Hungry Penguin, our multifunctional marvel that not only provides warmth but also cooks and boils. Last but not least, our The High & Mighty boasts an oven box, a generous top plate, and convection panel sides, standing tall in both design and functionality. Experience the Chilli Penguin range in-store or call us for the complete collection.

Arada Stoves (Previously Aarrow)

A legacy in the world of stoves, Arada, formerly known as Aarrow, boasts a rich heritage of producing wood and multi-fuel stoves.

Arada showcases a versatile collection of both traditional and contemporary stoves, meticulously designed for indoor applications. Among their prized selections is the Ecoburn Plus series. This line-up has models with outputs spanning from 4.5Kw to 5Kw, including standard as well as expansive widescreen variants. In the realm of traditional designs, the Heron 5 emerges as a classic choice, delivering a 5Kw output. Transitioning to the modern spectrum, the i500 Inset Stove is a contemporary marvel. Yielding a 6.4Kw output, it’s engineered to integrate flawlessly into walls, providing both functionality and aesthetic elegance. An important note is Arada’s commitment to flexibility; all their stove models are compatible with multiple fuel types, including wood and solid fuel.

ACR Stoves

With a heritage spanning over 30 years, ACR Stoves stands as a testament to British craftsmanship in the stove industry.

They offer an array of EcoDesign Ready products encompassing wood-burning, multi-fuel, gas, and electric stoves.

Delving into their collection, the Acr Birchdale Mf Stove in Arctic White exemplifies a traditional decor style with a 5Kw heat output. It offers multi-fuel and wood compatibility, is designed for indoor usage, and features a freestanding installation position.

Continuing the lineup, the Birchdale is fashioned in a contemporary design, while the traditional Oakdale and Rowandale models both boast a 5Kw heat output, tailored for multi-fuel and wood use. The Novus and Solis are contemporary offerings from ACR Stoves, with the former having a unique height dimension of 984mm and the latter standing tall at 1004mm, both delivering a 5Kw output. All models are designed for indoor settings and have a freestanding installation nature, underscoring ACR Stoves’ commitment to quality and design excellence.

Contura Stoves

Rooted deeply in Swedish craftsmanship, Contura is a brand that emphasises local design and production.

Every facet of their stoves, from meticulous design to product development, unfolds in Sweden. Their dedication to maintaining top-tier quality is evident, with each stove undergoing a rigorous quality control process at their Markaryd factory before it reaches customers. Tailored for modern homes and conditions, Contura proudly adorns their stoves with the “Made in Sweden” mark.

Within their range, the Contura 320A boasts a contemporary design and offers a heat output of 5Kw. This wood-fueled, freestanding stove is designed exclusively for indoor use. Similarly, the Contura 596G Style, Contura 750, Contura 780, and Contura 810L also exude contemporary aesthetics, with each having its unique dimensions. All these models are wood-fueled and crafted for indoor spaces, underscoring Contura’s commitment to both style and functionality.

Dean Forge

Dean Forge are a British manufacturer with over 50 years of experience and a range of wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves, made in Devon.

Dean Forge also supply Wood burning stoves, Multi-fuel stoves, Range Cookers, and Gas & Electric stoves from well known leading manufacturers.

Situated in Dean Prior, Buckfastleigh and Marsh Barton, Exeter, Devon, close to Dartmoor National park and the South Hams, two areas of outstanding natural beauty. Dean Forge production facility is conveniently located beside the A38 between Exeter and Plymouth and in easy reach of Torbay, Dartmoor and the surrounding area.

Dik Geurts

Dik Geurts, which was acquired by DRU in 2007, is now the brand that represents our distinctive, contemporary wood burning stoves and wood fire inserts.

DRU has harnessed the knowledge, experience and expertise behind the Dik Geurts brand to produce a range of wood burning and multi-fuel products that cover all domestic applications.

You can choose from classic, no nonsense woodburners, versatile solid fuel stoves, curvaceous and panoramic 3-sided log burning stoves and inset wood fires that will not look out of place in any style of home.

Dik Geurts wood fires and stoves are easy to use, energy efficient, clean burning and built to stand the test of time.


Dimplex is a subsidiary of Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation (GDHV), a division of the Glen Dimplex Group, the world’s largest electrical heating business.

For almost 70 years, Dimplex has been the trusted name for electric heating. Today, they remain the market leader in the creation and manufacture of energy efficient electric heating appliances and systems with a portfolio of more than 700 products. Their experience and expertise is matched by a deep rooted and continuous investment in new ideas, modern design, and ongoing innovation to deliver market defining heating and air treatment. Dimplex also work closely with industry groups and the government to consult on energy use in order to help shape all our futures.


DRU is a modern company that continues to specialise in producing gas heating appliances. It is the largest producer of balanced flue gas fires and wall heaters in Europe and also produces wood and multi-fuel stoves and fires.

In 1999 it relocated from its original home in Ulft to Duiven. The buildings in Ulft, which form part of our industrial heritage, have now been largely renovated and accommodate the “DRU factory” where culture and business come together.

DRU has operations in 3 countries and a dealership network that spans Europe and beyond. On its 250th anniversary, DRU was awarded the prestigious designation of ‘Hofleverancier’ or a Supplier to the Royal Dutch Court.


Beautifully hand-crafted cast iron ESSE cookers are the British-built models of choice at River Cottage and Humble by Nature, as well as having been chosen by Shackleton, Scott, Florence Nightingale and more.

ESSE began back in 1854 with a simple mission: to create the cleanest-burning, highest quality stoves and range cookers. ESSEs have been relied upon in some of the world’s most demanding environments – from the kitchens of the Savoy, to Scottish bothys and royal residences, and they’re still built here in the UK.


The FDC core product range encompasses natural stone fireplaces, granite & slate hearths and panels, and a range of wood-burning and multifuel stoves. To complement these they also supply cast and steel inserts and baskets, brick chamber linings, and all flue-related products. Currently, they have over 1700 product lines in stock.

Established in 1997, FDC (UK) Limited has grown to become one of the leading fireplace importers, manufacturers, and trade distributors of fireplaces and related products in the South of England.

Based 10 miles west of Salisbury on a 1 acre site, we hold comprehensive stocks of our entire product range within 16,000 square feet of warehousing.


Flamerite Fires Ltd is the UK’s oldest specialist independent electric fire manufacturer.

Flamerite Fires Ltd was established in 1999 in the historic city of Lichfield, carrying on a thirty-year family tradition of producing British-made electric fires. Over its 23-year history, we have won numerous awards in the UK and abroad. Flamerite has gained an unprecedented reputation for our integrity, excellent customer service, and support for the independent retail sector. Their singular focus is unrivalled, producing high-quality innovative electric fires and fireplaces made to the highest UK & European standards (BS-EN).

Hunter Stoves

The Hunter Groups ethos from day 1 has been to constantly evolve product designs that both harness fire’s ability to enhance people’s lives whilst being at the forefront of protecting the environment and it has continued to grow to be one of the most significant brands within the UK stove manufacturing sector.

Today, in 2023 the Hunter Stoves Group continues to design develop and manufacture world-class woodburning, gas and multifuel appliances distributed by a family of 600+ dedicated retailers throughout the UK and across the globe.


Kalfire is a Dutch designer and constructor of high-quality contemporary electric, gas and wood-burning fireplaces.

The business was founded in 1981 by the van Melick family in Belfeld in the Dutch province of Limburg. Despite the growth of the business over the years, Kalfire has never lost its family ethos. This is reflected in its strong commitment to its customers, its distributors and its products, as well as in its long-term vision that fuels its continual innovation.


Lotus Stoves aim is to give you this experience the first time you see their wood-burning stoves and fireplace inserts.

They want you to pay attention to the flames, the clean combustion, the thickness of the glass, the sound of the door opening and closing, and the well-thought-out design.

When Lotus Stoves think of stoves, they, first of all, think of quality – in all dimensions. Their stoves must provide the best possible combustion and ensure the lowest possible CO2 emissions. They must be durable and solid, and their design must be functional and elegant.


With their passion for design, sustainability and quality, Nordpeis develop stoves with a modern, Nordic character.

The Nordpeis range of wood burning stoves and fires are the culmination of over 20 years of industry knowledge to bring you the finest in home heating.

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