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Hearth and Beams


Authentic wooden beams for an elegant touch.

Wooden beams add a timeless rustic charm to any space. Their authentic texture and finish make them a favorite for homeowners who value a touch of tradition. As a prominent structural feature, they serve both functional and aesthetic roles, anchoring a space while also serving as a decorative centerpiece. Whether used in contemporary or traditional settings, they effortlessly bring warmth and character to a room.

Non-combustible Beams

Engineered for safety without compromising on style.

Non-combustible beams blend the best of both worlds, offering the visual appeal of traditional beams with added safety features. Made with fire-resistant materials, these beams ensure peace of mind, especially in spaces with open fires or heating elements. While they mimic the look and feel of real wood, their construction ensures they resist high temperatures, making them a wise choice for homes prioritising both design and safety.


Elevate your space with refined slate surfaces.

Slate, with its naturally occurring layers and unique texture, offers a blend of durability and beauty. Perfect for both interior and exterior applications, slate tiles provide a non-slip surface that’s also resistant to water and stains. Its natural variation in color and texture means no two slates are identical, providing a unique and bespoke feel to any space. From modern homes to historic renovations, slate continues to be a sought-after material for its longevity and timeless appeal.

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